[White Paper] A Better Donor Experience: Is it the Cornerstone of Donor Loyalty?

Turn first-time donors into recurring supporters by providing an engaging donor experience.

It’s a startling fact: over half of those who give to an organization will not give a second gift. With the average donor retention rate in the U.S. after the first gift around 45 percent, the donor experience is crucial in turning first-time donors into recurring supporters.

When you consider the cost to raise a dollar and the financial and organizational value of donor retention, it’s clear that nonprofits need to keep their donor relationships thriving. In order to build strong relationships, nonprofits must optimize the donor experience—the path of a donor’s engagements, interactions, and activities with the organization that can ultimately lead to a gift.

This white paper will help you:

  • Explore the factors driving donor loyalty
  • Discover how the online experience impacts giving
  • Incorporate lessons from consumer marketing into your fundraising plan
  • Build the donor experience into your organization