DEI in Philanthropy: Where Are We Now?

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Last August, we invited a diverse panel of philanthropic leaders to help lead an important dialogue around how external events - the murder of George Floyd along with the disproportionate negative impacts of COVID on minority communities - were setting a new precedence for how philanthropy responds in grantmaking practice and investments.

Our speakers were already DEI action-based, with key insights to share about how they were forging paths of uncomfortable internal dialogue, launching actions, and piloting diversity, equity, and inclusion in grantmaking. 

This year's DEI in Philanthropy event reunites our panel to discuss how the events of this past year have shaped philanthropy as a sector and how we can continue to respond meaningfully through our actions.

Register now to join the conversation, and hear our panelists:

  • Share actions taken centered around diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Discuss strategies to move internal dialogue and actions forward to advance DEI efforts, both internally and via grantmaking
  • Outline actionable steps to create and/or deepen these conversations within foundations

Your Host
Maria Azuri, LMSW

Maria is the Senior Director of Impact and Sustainability at Network for Good, where she connects and provides the diverse social sector with the tools, resources, and knowledge it needs to strengthen and elevate the reach of philanthropy through strong capacity building, partnerships, and cross-sector initiatives. Maria prioritizes long-term strength, sustainability, and impact throughout every aspect of strategy, impact, and leadership. She is a subject matter expert in nonprofit organizational excellence and intersecting social work/community-based organizational practice, bringing over 20 years of recognized expertise in organizational development, fundraising, and leadership.

Darrin Goss, Sr.
President and CEO
Coastal Community Foundation

Cory Anderson
Chief Innovation Officer
Winthrop Rockefeller Foundation

Robert Dortch

VP of Programs & Community
Robins Foundation

Tiffany Friesen

VP, Programs & Partnerships
Southeastern Council on Foundations

Bonnie Hardage
Executive Director
Jesse Parker Williams Foundation

Katrina Mitchell

Chief Community Impact Officer
United Way of Greater Atlanta

Manuel J. Santamaria

Vice President, Community Action
Silicon Valley Community Foundation