The Countdown to Year-End

    The year-end clock is ticking! Does your nonprofit have a year-end goal? We surveyed our audience and found that 35% of nonprofits don't!  This toolkit brings together some of our best resources to jumpstart your year-end fundraising, whether you have a month, two weeks, or just one week to get going. Here’s a preview of what’s included: 

    If you have 1 month (or more!): 
    • How to Write Your Year-End Fundraising Appeal
    • The Complete Guide to a Successful Year-End Campaign
    • 5 Donor Segments for Year-End Stewardship
    • You’re Just Two Steps Away from Your Best. Year-End. Ever.

    If you have 2 weeks: 
    • How to Use Storytelling to Supercharge Your Year-End
    • 4 Must-Do Tasks for a Successful Year-End Campaign
    • Last-Minute List Growth Checklist

    If you have 1 week or less: 
    • 10 Things to Do for Your Final Year-End Push
    • Last-Minute Year-End Fundraising Appeal Template


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