Virtual Conference: The Power of Storytelling

This conference took place on 07-11-17

The most powerful tool in a fundraiser’s bag is a great story.

A story has the power to inspire donors to give, to spark an advocacy revolution, to land a corporate sponsorship deal, or to intrigue a journalist.

Simply put, stories are the building blocks for reaching our goals. As fundraisers, it’s not enough to arouse sympathetic emotions. We need to motivate people to act on those emotions with their checkbooks.

Join us for our virtual conference and hear from three experts who will teach you:

  • How to define nonprofit storytelling

  • How to craft your nonprofit’s best “elevator pitch”

  • How to leverage these stories in online and traditional channels

  • How to raise more money with your nonprofit’s stories


Session One
Honing Your Nonprofit’s Elevator Pitch
Learn storytelling basics and the key takeaways to conveying your cause to any audience. Then, Darian will take volunteers from the audience and repackage your work into a dynamic pitch while talking you through specific storytelling and fundraising best practices.
Speaker: Darian Rodriguez Heyman

Session Two
How to Use Stories to Raise More Money
Learn how to get the right message to the right donors at the right time. Shelly will show you the best way to tell your nonprofit’s story through written communication, donor meetings, and events.
Speaker: Shelly Watts

Session Three
Proven Storytelling Strategies with Social Media
Discover the three core components of storytelling through social media, and learn how to leverage the brain chemistry of giving in your nonprofit’s stories.
Speaker: John Haydon

Session Four
How to Grow Your Fundraising Campaigns with Stories
Put storytelling tips into action with the help of Network for Good’s fundraising software. See how a donor management system with built in email, direct mail, and text messaging tools can help you get your message to thoughtfully segmented donor groups.
Speaker: Liz Ragland

Download Materials

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Each session includes 45 minutes of storytelling tips and how-tos, plus 15 minutes of live Q&A with each presenter. 

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