Quick-Start Guide to Nonprofit Donor Retention

Discover how strategic communications can transform your one-time donors into lifetime supporters.

Where does your organization focus most of its fundraising energy? Chances are, the answer is getting more donors. But what about keeping your current donors?

Research shows that for every 100 donors an organization has in a given year, only 46 will give again. Our new donor retention guide is designed to help you change that statistic through strategic communication.

In this guide, you'll discover:

  • How to keep donors engaged through focused, retention-minded communications.
  • How to use your donor data to jumpstart your retention plan.
  • What the five principles of retention-focused communications mean for your work.
  • What to say to your donors, how to say it, and when to say it to achieve your fundraising goals.
BONUS: This guide also includes a detailed timeline that outlines when and how to communicate with new donors to increase engagement, encourage recurring gifts, and turn more donors into lifetime supporters.



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