The Quick-Start Guide to Donor Management

Ditch spreadsheets and leverage the power of a donor database

Tracking donors via a mess of spreadsheets, email chains, and sticky notes is a pain. What you really need is a donor management system. Also known as a constituent relationship management, or CRM, a donor management system is a robust online database that tracks your contacts’ key actions—such as giving history, event participation, email opens, and even social media activity—in a way that’s easy to search, analyze, and utilize with dashboards, reports, reminders, and mobile accessibility. Think of it as your virtual fundraising command center—a central hub for anything and everything you’ll ever need to know about your donors.

This free guide includes:

  • What exactly a donor management system or CRM is, and what it can do
  • Why a CRM is easier (and much more effective) than spreadsheets for managing donors
  • How to choose the right donor management system
  • Five steps to donor management success
  • Checklist to boost donor retention with a CRM