Nonprofit 911:
The Secret to a Record-Breaking #GivingTuesday Campaign

Tuesday, Oct. 13 at 1pm EDT

$5.7 million in a single day. That’s how much the 2013 “Bmore Gives More” campaign generated, setting the record for the second-largest #GivingTuesay campaign in the world. How did they do it?

Join us for this free webinar with Jamie McDonald, founder of Generosity Inc and driving force behind this record-setting campaign. Learn how she uses motivated online ambassadors, targeted fundraising appeals, and strategic social marketing to spur people to give, act, and innovate on behalf of communities, causes, and schools. You've started planning for your #GivingTuesday campaign, but how do you get your biggest supporters, local business, and community groups on board?

We'll explore:

  • Ideas for getting local businesses involved with your #GivingTuesday campaign
  • How to design a campaign that empowers your supporters to share your cause.
  • Strategies to leverage local and national resources for your campaign.

About Our Speaker

Jamie McDonald is the Founder of Generosity Inc. Jamie's mission is to spur people to give, act and innovate on behalf of communities, causes and schools. After 16 years as an investment banker, Jamie shifted her personal mission from startups and venture capital to innovation and growth of the generosity economy. In addition to working with hundreds of nonprofits on their individual fundraising, in 2014, she served as lead adviser to MD Nonprofits’ MD Gives More campaign that raised $9.2 million, as well as leading Network for Good's record-breaking #GivingTuesday campaign, which engaged nearly 4000 nonprofits in a day of generosity tallying more than $4 Million. Jamie writes and speaks about online engagement and giving, next generation philanthropy, and the rise of giving movements as a force for changing communities. She advises nonprofits, cities and states around the country on online giving, crowdfunding, giving days and monthly giving programs.