Thank you for participating in the Financial Resilience Training Program brought to you by Network for Good and the Jumpstart Fundraising Team! 

Session Recap

Session 1 - Financial Resilience Plan:
Building a financial resilience plan will allow your organization to overcome any crisis. A financial resilience plan allows you to assess funding gaps, create right size fundraising, and prioritize existing donors.

Session 2 - Communications Plan:
A strong communications plan in place will allow you to stay in touch with your supporters through any crisis. 

Session 3 - Fundraising Appeals:
Having the right message and using a multi-channel strategy in your fundraising appeals is imperative to making the right outreach to your supporters. 

Session 4 - Storytelling: 
Sharing impactful and meaningful stories will allow you to develop more thoughtful relationships with your donors.

Jumpstart Fundraising Overview

Financial Resilience Training Session Materials
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Session 1: Financial Resilience Plan

Session 2: Communications Plan

Session 3: Fundraising Appeals

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“This grant was truly one of the best opportunities we have had at Seton House. Thanks to Andrea's coaching, I was able to encourage our board to move from seeking funding for building to seeking funding for our programming. It also saved me so much time having templates like the 12-month planning template because I would spend hours fusing about how to start. I hope other organizations will have the chance to make a significant difference in building sustainability through the use of Network for Good and individual coaching."

Dianna Frey
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