Nonprofit 911: The Key to Inspiring & Engaging Your Mid-Level Donors

We pay lip service to mid-level donors. We know they exist, but we have virtually ignored them for 10+ years. The truth is that they are a unique donor pool within our programs. They have different needs and different giving behaviors, and they aren't inspired by or engaged in our work. It's time to change that! In this free webinar, you'll discover how a dedicated mid-level fundraising program will help you ultimately raise more.

In this webinar, you will:

  • Learn seven actions you can take NOW to start seeing growth in your fundraising program.

  • Learn the indicators of capacity and engagement-related behaviors that mid-level donors are showing you every day.

  • Learn about the hybrid approach you need to implement to maximize revenue growth among mid-level donors.


About Our Speaker
Maeve Strathy is a passionate fundraising professional focused on inspiring donors to make an impact on the causes they love through philanthropy. Maeve works as a Fundraising Strategist with Blakely Inc., a company that provides strategy for charities on integrated direct response campaigns. Previously, she developed the mid-level giving program at Wilfrid Laurier University and built a young alumni giving program at Trinity College School. In her spare time, Maeve likes to work out, watch TV and movies, read, tweet, cook vegetarian food, and write for her fundraising and philanthropy-focused blog,

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