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Someone made a donation to your organization via Network for Good.

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Network for Good disburses donations on the 15th of every month.

Why am I receiving a check from Network for Good?

Even if you aren’t officially registered with Network for Good, your supporters can choose to use our website or one of our partner sites, like Facebook or Google, to make a contribution to your organization. You can also find your organization's listing on Network For Good's website here. As long as your 501(c)3 is listed in Guidestar's database and has not opted out of receiving online donations, it can be eligible to be featured on one of our partners' sites.

Once a donor chooses to donate to your organization through the sites mentioned above, they are officially making a donation to the Network for Good Donor Advised Fund, which then re-grants the donation to your organization when the funds are received. The funds are sent once a month via check to your organization's mailing address listed in or via EFT if you have already signed up for electronic disbursement through Network for Good. These donors are issued donation receipts by Network for Good or our partners and some of these donors may appear as anonymous to your nonprofit.

Network for Good also offers fundraising software, personal fundraising coaching, and resources for nonprofits. In fact, we’ve distributed over two billion dollars to more than 120,000 nonprofits since 2001. You can learn more about how we support nonprofits and donors here.

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Any organization that is designated by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) and is part of the GuideStar database can use Network for Good to receive online donations.

What should I do next?

Please review this giving agreement as depositing the check means you have accepted the agreement. This agreement does not bind you to any of our products or subscriptions. It mainly confirms that you are a 501c3 eligible to receive donations.

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