Only the Essentials:
The 6-Page Year-End Guide 


It's crunch time!  30% of all online giving happens in December. Even a small year-end campaign will increase your year-end giving totals so don't ignore this opportunity to reach out to donors and make an ask.

There's a lot involved in putting together a flashy, multi-channel, year-end campaign but time is limited, so this guide only focuses on the basics including:

Last Minute Tips for Year-End eGuide

  • How to plan a donor-friendly year-end that makes it easy for donors to give and give big
  • How to write a stellar appeal that features a story
  • How to set a SMART goal
  • A checklist to help you pull it all together

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6 pages of helpful tips for creating a donor-centric, story-driven, goal-hitting year-end

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