How to Manage and Inspire Your Nonprofit’s Board

Recruit and train your board members to embrace fundraising.

Did you know that 30% of development professionals who were planning to resign cited problems with their boards as the key reason for their departures? Use this guide to tackle this problem head-on. It features tips and tools you can use to establish, educate, and empower a board that fully embraces fundraising.

Get in-depth insight into creating a fundraising-driven board by learning how to:

  • Recruit, train, manage, and set up your board members for success.
  • Give the right answer to the most common excuse for not helping with fundraising.
  • Make the most of your time before, during, and after board meetings.


This guide also includes a sample nonprofit board member job description, a sample donor thank you call script and email message for your board members to use, and a sample board fundraising expectations worksheet.