How to Create a Fundraising Plan

Set goals and find fundraising success with this easy-to-use template.

According to the 2014 Individual Donor Benchmark Report, the secret sauce for raising more money is to have a fundraising plan. A good fundraising plan serves as your roadmap for the year. It doesn’t need to be complicated but your plan should answer these four questions:

  1. How much do you need to raise this year?
  2. How does that fundraising total breakdown between unrestricted and restricted purposes?
  3. How will your different sources of funding contribute to that goal?
  4. How will fundraising activities help you hit your goal?


In this guide we’ll walk you through the steps, formulas, and exercises you need to create a proper roadmap that will help you hit (or exceed!) your fundraising goals.

Download this guide and start putting your plan in place now!