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Date Your Donors: You Had Me at Hello
(a Mini-Guide to Email Engagement)

We all know how to say hello. It’s a basic skill that kicks off all of our relationships. So don’t skip this important step when beginning a new relationship with a supporter. Remember: Hello is about creating an opportunity to get to know someone, asking questions and understanding their point of view. Focus on the true spirit of saying Hello” without jumping right to “Will you donate?

We’ve compiled a short review of best practices which focuses on practical tips for attracting, cultivatin- and keeping!- active and loyal donors. Based on our recent Date Your Donors webinar, this mini-guide also includes some ideas to get you started and examples of nonprofits who get it right.

In this quick guide, you will learn:

  • Why a strong foundation is key for any great donor relationship (and how this helps your cause)
  • How to create an email welcome series
  • Ideas and best practices for continuing to engage your supporters through email

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