NFG Customer Spotlight Webinar: Segmenting your Donor Base to Maximize Fundraising Potential

As a fundraising professional, at times it can be tempting to focus on acquiring new donors. While acquisition is important, an effective donor stewardship program can take your nonprofit to the next level.

Challenged with fundraising in a rural area, Melanie Burch, Director of Development at Middleburg Humane Foundation, knew she needed to have the right technology in place to help drive engagement with her donors. Tune into this webinar and you’ll learn:

  • Implementing a comprehensive program of donor relations and stewardship plans designed to acknowledge and recognize all donors
  • How to segment your donor base for more effective campaigns
  • How to maximize donor engagement and tell your story with limited resources


About Our Speaker

Melanie started her career working for association management firms in the D.C. area before transitioning to the construction industry. Feeling a strong pull to give back in numerous ways to her community, Melanie created several 501c3 organizations and developed the foundations for others to effectively continue to run. She contributed to her children’s schools by leading as a PTO president for eight years and started the first private foundation to support Fauquier County Public Schools in Fauquier County, VA. During her time helping the rural school system, Melanie developed her fundraising skills, tailoring her funding message to resonate with parents from diverse economic and social backgrounds and local/regional businesses. In this volunteer capacity, Melanie helped raise over $510,000 through grants and fundraising.

The pull to give more to her community led Melanie to leave the construction industry and join the Middleburg Humane Foundation (MHF) as the Director of Development.  Melanie maintains donor relations and stewardship and promotes cultivation and donor engagement through fundraising and special events.