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The Truth about How People Really Think and
What It Means for Promoting Your Cause



The success of your online outreach hinges on your understanding of the inner workings of the human mind. Learn the basics of the new and revolutionary field of behavioral economics and how you can use these principles to craft more effective messages that will win the hearts and minds of your audience.

Homer Simpson for Nonprofits


People are not rational beings, but the patterns of irrationality are consistent, and understanding them is key to effective marketing and fundraising.Some ideas to look forward to:


  • Small, not big - The bigger the scale of what you're communicating, the smaller the impact on your audience


  • Hopeful, not hopeless - People tend to act on what they believe they can change--If your problem seems intractable, enormous and endless, people won't be motivated to help


  • Peer pressure still works (Nope, it doesn't end after high school) - People are more likely to do something if they know other people like them are doing it.


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