Take Charge of Your Nonprofit's Reputation
This session took place March 25, 2014

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“Your brand name is only as good as your reputation.” -A very wise person

As nonprofits, it's important to craft an authentic identity and leverage your relationships to safeguard your organization's brand. Join Brighter Strategies' Senior Consultant Dr. Dionne Clemons as she teaches how to apply the reputation management process to your nonprofit's communication and fundraising strategies. Pick up some useful tips and develop an action plan that will enhance the character of your brand within the nonprofit world and beyond.

About the Speaker:

Dionne C. Clemons’ expertise lies in strategic communications management and organizational communication. Previously specializing in public sector outreach, Dr. Clemons served federal and local governments as a public affairs professional for more than a decade. As an expert in designing communications campaigns, she understands the importance of aligning strategy with an organization's overarching mission, vision, and goal. During her tenure with Brighter Strategies Dr. Clemons has managed research, social marketing, crisis communications, and public outreach campaigns for a variety of nonprofit causes.

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