Nonprofit 911: 3 Ways the Right Data Leads to Better Boards

Struggling to get your board to understand and support your fundraising efforts? It doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you have the right data paired with the right tools. Join this free webinar for the inside track on the data you absolutely must include in your next report to keep your board members happy. We’ll provide simple strategies you can implement immediately, plus we’ll answer your questions on managing your board with up-to-date information.

Join this free session to:

  • Understand your board members’ needs and how you can meet their expectations with the right information delivered at the right moments.

  • The secret to educating your board and creating a plan to exceed your revenue goals.

  • Discover how small nonprofits are using Network for Good's donor management system to save hours each week, raise more money, and give their board the data and insight they crave.


About Our Speaker
Caryn Stein is Network for Good’s Vice President of Communications and Content. As Network for Good’s fundraising and marketing expert, Caryn’s dedicated to helping nonprofits combine the best practices of the web with compelling fundraising stories to create more effective marketing for their missions. She is a nationally-recognized speaker, having helped hundreds of organizations improve their fundraising campaigns and write more effective donor communications.