Nonprofit 911: How Small Nonprofits Can Raise More in the Next 60 Days

Are you looking at your year-end goal and wondering how you're going to close the gap? Need to boost your fundraising results before year-end begins? A well-crafted yet simple fall campaign will engage your donors and help you meet your targets. How do you get it all done? We've got the answer. Designed for nonprofit managers that have the passion to do it all, but a budget that requires do it yourself, this free workshop will help you create and maximize a fall campaign to renew, upgrade, and acquire new donors.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn exactly how much you can raise to set you organization up for a great year-end session

  • Get your board on board: learn what will compel them to give and provide support to your campaign

  • Align opportunities, dates, and tasks into a plan

  • BONUS: All registrants receive a copy of the 60-Day Fall Fundraising Plan


About Our Speaker
Caryn Stein is Network for Good’s Vice President of Communications and Content. As Network for Good’s fundraising and marketing expert, Caryn’s dedicated to helping nonprofits combine the best practices of the web with compelling fundraising stories to create more effective marketing for their missions. She is a nationally-recognized speaker, having helped hundreds of organizations improve their fundraising campaigns and write more effective donor communications.