Nonprofit 911:
Rebranding Effect: Raise Money and Visibility Using Smart Communications

How does branding help a nonprofit advance its mission? How does it impact communications and fundraising?

Join us for this exclusive webinar featuring Farra Trompeter from communication firm Big Duck and Danielle Burgess from the nonprofit Fight Colorectal Cancer to hear first-hand insights on how rebranding can strengthen an organization’s culture and how, when coupled with strategic planning or a new fundraising strategy, it can best set up a nonprofit for effective fundraising.

Key Takeaways:

  • A better understanding of how rebranding can impact your nonprofit's communications
  • Insight into the rebranding process from a nonprofit's perspective
  • Clarity around the factors that can affect a rebrand's success

About Our Speakers
Farra Trompeter is Vice President at Big Duck, a communications firm that works exclusively with nonprofits to help organizations reach supporters, build awareness, and raise money. Farra has more than 20 years of experience in fundraising and communications for nonprofit organizations. Farra’s expertise focuses on helping nonprofits create multichannel campaigns and use social media to connect with donors, activists, and other members of their community. She also holds an M.S. degree in nonprofit management from The New School.

Danielle Ripley-Burgess directs the online and print communications and oversees all branding, promotion and publicity for Fight Colorectal Cancer. Prior to joining Fight CRC, Danielle served in numerous communications roles as both an employee and a consultant for a variety of organizations and industries including advertising and marketing agencies, faith-based nonprofits, corporate franchises and local businesses. Danielle’s committed to using her communications experience to further the mission of Fight Colorectal Cancer both as a professional and a survivor.