Nonprofit 911:
7 Simple Things You Can Do in the Next 30 Days to Turn Event Attendees into Loyal Donors

Once your fundraising event has ended, your opportunity for more giving is just beginning. Ready to get more from your events? We’ll share a set of easy tasks you can accomplish in the next few weeks that will convert more of your event-goers into loyal, repeat donors.

Join this free session for these key takeaways:

  • Understand why your event attendees typically don’t become donors
  • Discover the simple post-event communication plan that will engage and convert
  • Learn how to combine your data with the right tools to get repeat donations from event attendees

Plus, we’ll have plenty of time to answer your questions and help your organization see dramatically better fundraising results.


About Our Speaker
Caryn Stein is Network for Good’s Vice President of Communications and Content. As Network for Good’s fundraising and marketing expert, Caryn’s dedicated to helping nonprofits combine the best practices of the web with compelling fundraising stories to create more effective marketing for their missions. She is a nationally-recognized speaker, having helped hundreds of organizations improve their fundraising campaigns and write more effective donor communications.