Nonprofit 911:
Donor Data: The Key to Raising More

This webinar took place on Tuesday, Mar. 15

What is the key to raising more money this year?

It's your donor data.

By collecting and storing the right data-and then using it strategically-you'll target the right supporters, craft more effective appeals, and increase the lifetime value of your donors. Plus, you'll save time, get better results, and wow your boss, board, and everyone who knows you. SWEET!

Even better news: it doesn't have to be difficult to do. Taking a few key steps now will set you up for fundraising success in 2016 and beyond.

Here's what you'll learn in this free Nonprofit 911 webinar:

  • Why understanding your donor data can help you dramatically improve your fundraising results
  • How to segment your donors for a more effective communication plan
  • How to craft donor-centric appeals, thank yous, and impact reports
  • BEING AWESOME (with data)

About Our Speaker
Caryn Stein is the Vice President of Communications and Content for Network for Good. Caryn oversees Network for Good’s marketing efforts and manages the development and distribution of Network for Good’s wealth of nonprofit training.

She is the editor of The Nonprofit Marketing Blog and created the Ultimate Donation Page Course to help nonprofits combine the best practices of the web with compelling fundraising stories. Caryn has helped hundreds of nonprofits improve their fundraising campaigns and write more effective donor communications.