Planning an Exit Strategy for a Board Member

As a nonprofit, a board is an integral part of your team. It's important that your board members are on board with your mission, motivated by your cause, and ready to invest their time. While many board members are a great fit, there are times when others are disconnected.

Join speaker Alyssa Wright during this webinar as we discuss how to identify disconnected or poorly matched board members, craft a plan of action and help create a mutual exit strategy that doesn't impact the overall culture of your organization.
Alyssa Wright
Speaker, Author,  Forbes Contributor, Consultant and CEO of Wright Consulting Group

Having spent time as a human right's activist in Eastern Europe and Africa, Alyssa brings a decade of experience in international philanthropy to Alyssa Wright Consulting. An accomplished facilitator, consultant and coach she builds new revenue streams, shifts cultural perspectives and inspires people to believe that change is possible no matter what.