Talk Digital To Me

Thursday, May 6th at 12pm ET

In a virtual world where new digital platforms are common and online fundraising (and marketing) continues to evolve, how do you create online experiences that are both authentic and engaging?


In this session, nonprofit marketing expert, Taylor Shanklin, will take you through a journey to re-envision your digital marketing framework.


We will look at branding, content marketing, and experience marketing. You'll walk away with tips and tools on:

  • How to say the right things in this digital world
  • What channels to say them on
  • How to measure the impact of your digital marketing
  • Examples and trends that are working for your peers today.

Taylor Shanklin

Taylor Shanklin is a speaker, podcast host, and a “Peer-to-Peer Boss Lady” in the nonprofit sector. With 13+ years’ experience in nonprofit marketing and technology, Taylor has built up a solid, trusted reputation as a thought leader in the nonprofit agency and technology sector. Having experience across a full spectrum of leadership and execution roles, Taylor has served clients, run marketing, led sales efforts, and led product strategy and marketing.