How Fundraising Software Helps Donors Feel Loved

We believe in building strong relationships with your supporters and donors. You've probably sent thank yous to your year-end donors, but do you have a long-term plan to keep them engaged with your cause?

Network for Good's simple, smart fundraising software was built to help you delight your donors. With our built in tools, you can send heartfelt video messages, choose from hundreds of email templates, reach your supporters through text messages, and more.

During this webinar, we will walk through how to do all of the following in our simple, smart fundraising software:
  • Send video acknowledgements: Connect with donors with personal, authentic videos, created and sent in less than a minute, that touch the recipient and fundraiser in impactful ways.
  • Create and send text messages: Reach donors and supporters where they are with text messaging capabilities that put charitable giving right in their hands.
  • Utilize our Fundraising Email Gallery: Our robust gallery, featuring real emails written by nonprofit fundraisers, will inspire you to customize and send impactful emails that perform.
  • Implement our Lapsed Donor Engagement Plan: Take the guessing out of what to send with pre-written engagement streams which include email, text and video templates to activate your audience.

Amanda Dafonte
Fundraising Sales Consultant 
Network for Good
Peter Hart
Product Manager
Network for Good

Peter focuses on our simple, smart fundraising software and the tools that our nonprofits use to organize their fundraising efforts and engage their constituents to build stronger relationships. Peter is obsessive about listening to and understanding our customers' needs. He's passionate about empowering our nonprofits with fundraising tools that are simple to use but accomplish powerful results.