Ask Me Anything: Brand Meets Marketing

Differentiating oneself in a sea of digital noise is more important than ever before.

The art of branding and storytelling is one that often gets overlooked, and sometimes it is even confused with marketing.  Your brand matters, and your mission statement is not your brand.


In this thought-provoking "Ask Me Anything" session with Taylor Shanklin, we want to hear from you! What's on your mind? Taylor, Founder of Barlele and brand strategist, will be on the line to answer your questions like:


·       What’s the difference between branding vs. marketing?

·       What does the term "hybrid" really mean in this digital world?

·       Should I be focused more on Social media or Email marketing?

What questions do you have? Ask them here!

Taylor Shanklin

Taylor is a TEDx speaker, podcast host + producer, and marketing innovator in the social impact sector.

She speaks regularly at global conferences such as AFP ICON and The Nonprofit Technology Conference, and she has helped hundreds of organizations tell their story in digital channels. Taylor is the Founder and CEO of Barlele, a brand and growth strategy firm that helps small businesses and nonprofit organizations grow through clear storytelling and strategic growth coaching.