How to Engage Your Audience With Social Media and Email

Wednesday, September 30th at 1pm ET
Join us for a webinar with Matthew Gayer, Co-Executive Director at the Catalogue for Philanthropy as we discuss how to move toward a real back-and-forth and engagement with your digital audience.

There is more noise than ever out there, and breaking through to not just garner attention but inspire action can be a challenge. How do we reach our audience on social media and get them to engage? How do we craft emails and virtual messages that inspire in-real-life action? 

During this webinar, we’ll cover:
  • How to plan and craft social media content designed for engagement
  • How to more directly drive your audience to take desired actions
  • How to send an email campaign that will get opened and read

With the amount of change, news, and uncertainty in the world currently, more people are on social media and reading their email than ever. But that also means they’re consuming a large amount of content, often truly engaging with very little. We’ll discuss how to bridge that gap, and get your audience to not just see your content, but become involved.

Matt Gayer
Co-Executive Director
Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington

Matt is the Co-Executive Director of the Catalogue, a nonprofit focused on building the awareness and capacity of small, local nonprofits. Through training, communications, and consulting, the Catalogue helps lift up their partners and build the vital skills they need to thrive. Matt is a Truman Scholar, and has worked in both for corporate and nonprofit sectors prior to the Catalogue.