Turning Your Supporters Into Fundraisers: Helping Stakeholders Make The Ask

Are your board members hesitant to ask their networks for money? Do you struggle to enlist your current donors as fundraisers? Now, more than ever, organizations need to engage their closest supporters acting as effective fundraisers on their behalf.

Join Alyssa Wright for tips and tactics to help all your stakeholders make the ask now, during COVID-19 and in the years after.
Alyssa Wright
Speaker, Author,  Forbes Contributor, Consultant and CEO of Wright Consulting Group

Having spent time as a human right's activist in Eastern Europe and Africa, Alyssa brings a decade of experience in international philanthropy to Alyssa Wright Consulting. An accomplished facilitator, consultant and coach she builds new revenue streams, shifts cultural perspectives and inspires people to believe that change is possible no matter what. Recent work includes the design of a successful giving circle at the Massachusetts domestic violence and sexual assault coalition and the creation of a brand new global donor movement at an international environmental organization that raised over $500,000 in a single year.