A Master Guide to Acquiring New Donors

[Webinar] Thursday, December 19th at 1pm ET
With 2020 on the horizon, many nonprofits are wondering: how can I acquire new donors to start off the year successfully? Building a network of donors that are inspired by your nonprofit's story can be challenging, but Network for Good is here to offer you tips and tricks to maximize new donor acquisition!

You'll learn:
  • How to leverage volunteers and board members to expand your donor base
  • How to use social media to expand your reach and target Nonprofit List Exchange
  • How to set up your Donor Management System or system of record to connect with more donors
  • Tips for connecting with people who donate to similar nonprofits
  • How to leverage events to acquire new donors

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Vince Natale
Fundraising Sales Consultant
Network for Good

Throughout his time at Network for Good, Vince has spoken with hundreds of nonprofits to learn about their fundraising efforts and see how she can help make them expand and grow. Vince is a Fundraising Sales Consultant at Network For Good. Vince enjoys getting to learn about nonprofits in the small to midsize space and the people that wear multiple hats in order to fulfill their missions. Vince is also the Board Chair of a local DC Mentorship organization and likes helping the next generation become future leaders. The best part of his job is when he checks in on a customer and finds out how much more they were able to raise to go towards their mission.