Writing Year-End Appeals: How to Make Legacy Giving a Star

Keeping your fundraising focus is important for year-end annual campaign. While bringing in your year-end gifts, did you know that you can also build your legacy giving program through those communications (and ask for some impactful gifts as well before December 31st)?

Join us as planned giving expert Lori Kranczer goes through how you can incorporate legacy messaging to grow your legacy giving program and ways to ask for certain planned gifts you should ask for before December 31st.
Lori Kranczer
Everyday Planned Giving LLC

Lori Kranczer believes firmly that planned giving, or “legacy giving,” which are ways donors make impactful gifts through endowments, bequests in wills or other structured gift vehicles, should be a vital part of the fundraising practice of every nonprofit organization, no matter the size, budget or mission. Lori partners with organizational leaders to customize planned giving programs that substantially and consistently support organizations far into the future. Lori has over 19 years of experience advising nonprofit organizations on conceptualizing and building planned giving programs, training volunteer leadership and staff, soliciting and closing significant planned giving arrangements, including those blended with major gifts, and working with donors, their families and advisors on structuring the appropriate gifts to meet their philanthropic and financial goals.