Navigating Midterm Elections So You Can Fundraise (Too)
On Demand Webinar
This time of year is an important one for nonprofits—and a frustrating one. As we begin to build and launch our year-end campaigns, nonprofits find themselves competing, not just for dollars, but for attention. With local and national media coverage focused on the upcoming midterm election where candidates have raised unprecedented cash, many nonprofits are left wondering, "How do I get my message out, too?"
Our speaker for this special webinar, Brian Lauterbach, CFRE, has raised money for congressional, gubernatorial, and presidential candidates. Brian will show participants:
  • The multi-channel recipe large political campaigns follow to raise millions in days, not months that can be replicated by nonprofits for their year-end activities
  • The messages that cut through and get noticed ahead of smartphone alert notifications, urgent subject lines, and provocative social media posts.
  • The software and tools Network for Good has to equip you, your board, and volunteers to be better fundraisers in a world driven by 24/7 access to content.



About the Speaker

Brian Lauterbach
Brian has served as a professional fundraiser and consultant for more than one hundred nonprofit organizations in the United States. In this capacity, he was chiefly responsible for the process and strategy redesign, integrating fundraising activities that lead to more 4 million donors giving $300 million to causes most important to them.  Brian teaches fundraising and nonprofit management at George Washington University and Northwestern University and has served as the Annual Giving Track Chair for AFP International’s Conference on Fundraising.  He is founder of the Network for Good Jumpstart Program and works in partnership with grantmakers, nationally, to ensure nonprofits of the tools, tech, and coaching required to build fundraising capacity.