On-Demand Webinar: The Tech, Tools, and Timeline You Need for Year-End Fundraising


    Inside of just thirty minutes, the fundraising leadership team at Network For Good will preview the tools, tech, and timelines your organization needs to acquire, upgrade, and retain donors for year-end. You'll also learn how to automate many of the fundraising functions that keep you behind your desk instead of in front of your donors, sharing a few of the biggest insights from even our smallest customers.

    Just because you are tax-exempt does not mean your fundraising can be technology-exempt. Using spreadsheets, an outdated CRM, or simply an email tool, even with a lot of hard work, doesn't raise money.

    Companies like Google, Netflix, and Amazon have forever changed how the thousands of donors and prospects in and around your community prefer to receive information, and it's not just through direct mail.

    Fundraising is hard. Direct help and direct assistance from an experienced coach means the difference betwen getting it done and hitting a goal. 

    Reserve your space for the webinar now to get started with year-end success.