Thanking Your Donors:
How to use Technology to Show Gratitude
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Join Network for Good and special guest, Alyssa Wright, for a webinar about an important piece of the donor experience: thanking your donors. In today's giving environment, donors expect more from nonprofits. While a thank-you note sent in the mail a month after making a donation was sufficient in the past, today's donor expects more personalization and a timely follow up. Moreover, technology is now available to make the process seamless and delightful for your donors!

During this webinar, Alyssa will provide participants with a refreshing approach to thanking donors. She'll cover:

  • How technology has changed how we appreciate donors and how to express gratitude and thoughtfulness in the digital age
  • Finding the capacity to fully appreciate funders by creating dedicated time and space within your work
  • Going beyond saying a simple 'thank-you' to show the impact of a donor's gift in the community your nonprofit supports

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About Our Speaker

Alyssa Wright is an award-winning artist, strategic philanthropic advisor, and creative social impact strategist. An accomplished consultant in the fields of social change and philanthropy, Wright has collaborated with dozens of organizations and companies over the past decade, bringing together artists, activists, and philanthropists who desire ways to powerfully and creatively accelerate social change. Her collaborations have been in communities such as Women Moving Millions, Resource Generation, and New England International Donors, where she worked with and learned from some of the most sophisticated and values-driven philanthropists and activists in the world. Wright is a recent graduate of Cornell University’s Change Leadership program and is now mapping ways to support those who are deeply committed to leading social change around the globe.