All giving pages are not created equal. At Network for Good we are passionate about the donor experience and are constantly improving our giving pages to create compelling and delightful experiences. In this #NFGTips webinar, our very own Liisa Fetig, Product Manager, will walk you through the five basic elements every giving page must include and the three elements you should look for to optimize for your conversion rate, to create the optimal donor experience, and to increase your page’s performance.
In this webinar you will learn:
  1. What makes up the "donor experience”?
  2. If your giving page has the basic elements to delight your donors
  3. What to look for on your giving pages to increase conversion of visitors to donors
liisa.png Featured Speaker: 

Liisa Fetig
Product Manager at Network for Good



[#NFGTips Webinar] How to Evaluate Your Giving Pages — Are They Built for Performance?
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